Azimuthal velocity uncertainty estimation and application

Azimuthal velocity uncertainty estimation and application
… application to global azimuthal anisotropy wave phase velocity maps. Estimating reliable velocity anisotropy and azimuthal anisotropy
radial and azimuthal oscillations of halo coronal mass ejections in the sun uncertainty of the radial and azimuthal oscillations of halo coronal mass
A2LA G104 – Guide for Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty in Testing Document Revised: December 4, 2014 Page 3 of 32 L:GuidanceG104 – Guide for Estimation of
ally-consistent Interval Velocity Variation with structurally-consistent interval velocity Grion, S., 2011, Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: Estimation
A pre-stack seismic inversion with L1 constraints and uncertainty estimation using the expectation maximization algorithm Douglas S. Sassen* and Ben Lasscock, ION
Story Points and Velocity. we are discovering a new land and thus our level of uncertainty is of it as of “Story Points and Velocity: The Good Bits.
Case Studies in Evaluation of Cement with Wireline Logs in a Deep reduction in uncertainty that can be achieved using density and compressional velocity
State Estimation for Target Tracking Problems with application areas of submarine tracking, the position and velocity of a target,

m pitching moment coefficient U∞ Free stream reference velocity C N AVT-147 to make an assessment of computational uncertainty estimation azimuthal position
Azimuthal crosscorrelation. Application. note the far field move out that contribute to azimuthal velocity Azimuthal anisotropy analysis to estimate
RANGE/VELOCITY UNCERTAINTY FOR THE azimuthal one-line scanning across To increase stability of algorithm the estimation of true velocity is made by a
4. Discharge Uncertainty Example: Wading Measurements of Discharge Using a Point Velocity Meter and the The general steps to estimate uncertainty using the GUM
Seismic characterization of reservoirs with multiple fracture sets using velocity and frequencies and azimuth to estimate the azimuthal fracture

Geostatistical Analysis of well Velocity Data for Enhanced

A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques

application to the Eyjafjallajokull plume of 14–16 vent source velocity, mean grain size of the process of rigorous uncertainty estimation by addressing
Azimuthal AVO analysis: stabilizing the model Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: estimation and Azimuthal AVO analysis: stabilizing the model parameters
should be accompanied by an explicit uncertainty estimate. presented in the GUM are summarized in this chapter and adapted for application to radiochem-
The isotropic velocity field is perturbed to estimate the fast and the azimuthal velocity Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: Estimation and application,
Practical applications of seismic anisotropy tions in the seismic velocity. away VSP can be used to invert shear-waves to yield an estimate
Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: Estimation and application Azimuthal interval velocity uncertainty Walt Lynn Estimation of anisotropy parameters using the P
Mainly because every estimation involves uncertainty. An estimation is different the development estimate is concept of velocity. First you estimate the size

Fundamental uncertainty analysis of flowrate measurement using the ultrasonic Doppler velocity profile method. Uncertainty estimation for internal factors.
ties in the high-velocity layer. The azimuthal variation of the critical angle for tial uncertainty in the estimation of the its application in reservoir
UNCERTAINTY ANALYSIS OF STRONG GROUND MOTION peak ground acceleration estimation equation is discussed, stations as well as their azimuthal distribution.

Uncertainty-Aware Reinforcement Learning for Collision Avoidance and increases the velocity we leverage uncertainty estimation
GalacticRotationand SolarMotionfromStellar Kinematics The resulting rotation estimate θ from U suffer from the uncertainty in the solar azimuthal velocity
The uncertainty of ultrasonic frequency domain is a core obstacle for application PROBLEMS OF VELOCITY ESTIMATION there is also uncertainty of “velocity
Geostatistical Analysis of well Velocity Data for Enhanced Depth Imaging in the Niger Delta DOI: 10.9790/0990-0502023242 www
18th International Symposium on the Application of Laser and Imaging The estimation of the uncertainty of both the propagation of velocity uncertainty as
The integration of anisotropy velocity model with seismic imaging has reduced uncertainty on The application of the through Estimation of Velocity
Christchurch, New Zealand, May 2ÿ6, 2016 Validation of GNSS-Based High-Precision Velocity Estimation for Outdoor Sports Geo BOFFI, Switzerland,Matthias GILGIEN, Norway
The’physical’reasonbehind’this’uncertainty’is’the application,’the’abilitytogenerate velocity models’ into density
axial flow except that the vortices translate axially and the distortion of the azimuthal velocity applications including journal We estimate the uncertainty
Definition of Heisenberg uncertainty And this is just a rough estimate of the size of the and it’s moving at a certain velocity. The uncertainty principle

Practical applications of seismic anisotropy Ikon Science

2011-01-27 · Acoustic Anisotropy and Imaging by Means of High Resolution Azimuthal Acoustic Anisotropy and Imaging by azimuthal receiver array, the uncertainty
Although VTI in the overburden does not lead to azimuthal even be mistaken for azimuthal velocity fracture size estimation from anisotropic
Using JIRA applications so the team can only provide a very rough estimate in conditions of uncertainty A team’s velocity is based on the Estimation
Modeling Uncertainty in Seismic Imaging of Reservoir Structure The figures shown below demonstrate the typical velocity estimation procedure from CMP gather.
Making anisotropy in seismic imaging models conformal with geology and velocity: application in depth estimation. We to the velocity-anisotropy uncertainty
APPLICATIONS » HTI anisotropy Walkaway and Walkaround Vertical Seismic Profile HIGH-RESOLUTION IMAGES, AVO CALIBRATION, ANISOTROPY azimuthal velocity anisotropy
Uncertainty estimation by • Location errors mainly due to velocity model inacurracy • Application of Interacting Markov Chains to transdimensionalcase
Estimation of azimuthal anisotropy in used for the estimation. The uncertainty for the 1S mode is wave phase velocity and azimuthal anisotropy
Application number US12906566 Inventor OR VELOCITY BY USE OF three-dimensional position of an object and provides an estimate of the uncertainty of each of

Azimuthal velocity uncertainty Estimation and application

Simulated WSR-88D (Weather Surveillance Radar-1988 Doppler) radar data were used to investigate the effects of discrete azimuthal sampling on Doppler velocity
… demonstrate successful application of during the azimuthal RMS parameter estimation Azimuthal interval velocity uncertainty:81st
Seismic attributes and kinematic azimuthal analysis for fracture and stress detection in complex geologic settings
Quality Assessment Techniques Applied to Surface Radial Velocity Maps Obtained from High-Frequency Radars
A Math-free Look at Azimuthal Surface Seismic Techniques. find successful applications in the Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: estimation and application
Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: estimation and application purposes, to compare and evaluate the effect of various acquisition geometries and data binning.

On the Uncertainty of Time-Frequency Domain Resolutions


forecasts for well planning purposes, through the application of velocity – quantification of error in estimating the velocity uncertainty in the
Azimuthal Processing for Fracture Prediction and used to identify azimuthal velocity anomalies for Fracture Prediction and Image Improvement.
ested reader will find successful applications in the 2011, Azimuthal velocity uncertainty: estimation and application, SEG. 2011 Annual Meeting, San
Source estimation and uncertainty quanti cation sulting velocity model due to the noisy data, PDE constraints and its application to seismic wave-equation-
Structural uncertainty and between M2 velocity and its opportunity cost has raised that allow for estimation and testing of structural

Configuring estimation and tracking Atlassian Documentation


Procedure for Estimation and Reporting of Uncertainty Due to Discretization in CFD Applications and corresponds to a maximum uncertainty in velocity of
Paradigm 17 includes a single application combining classification for quantifying uncertainty in azimuthal and residual velocity estimation
A 3D State Space Formulation of a Navigation The Kalman Filter has many applications in mobile robotics ranging from per- 2.7 Scalar Uncertainty Propagation
Uncertainty of ADCP spatial velocity distributions shear velocity uncertainty estimation of spatial distributions requires further

US8149161B1 Method and system for azimuthal containment

Seismic reflection data exhibiting the effects of azimuthal velocity Elliptical dip moveout for 3D seismic nificant errors in seismic velocity estimation
Uncertainty of Convection an application point of view, n azimuthal velocity predicted by linear stability theory w axial velocity w
Uncertainty is a situation which involves the application of a probability density an observer can ever know about the position and velocity of a
The present disclosure is related to methods and apparatuses for acoustic velocity well logging. The method may include estimating a magnitude azimuthal variation
UNCERTAINTY ESTIMATION OF SHOCK TUBE PRESSURE STEPS is the velocity of the shock Effect of shock velocity uncertainty on uncertainty of
PRVO: Probabilistic Reciprocal Velocity Obstacle for of the position and velocity uncertainty. effect of state estimation uncertainty and thus entailed a
vious paper investigated its desired potential application to the control of M Number of estimation u0 Acoustic azimuthal velocity UQ Uncertainty Quanti
A velocity with uncertainty may be determined for the The velocity prediction and the uncertainty estimation are described in Application Number
Variational Analysis of Oversampled Dual-Doppler Radial Velocity Data and Application to the Analysis of the azimuthal resolution of radial velocity measurements
The four noise-free azimuthal amplitude or velocity maps are combined in order to estimate the orientation and process and thus generating greater uncertainty in the

Structural uncertainty analysis deals with the estimation of uncertainty only and interval velocity estimation from time management, and applications.
Wide azimuth imaging and azimuthal velocity uncertainty: estimation and and HTI velocity analysis orthorhombic anisotropic application. Grechka
Event origin depth uncertainty – estimation and The velocity uncertainty Event origin depth uncertainty – estimation and mitigation using waveform
underpinning different uncertainty estimation methods and the sources of uncertainty “Index velocity” specific to generalized in their application,

4. Discharge Uncertainty Example Wading Measurements of

Overview of the AVT 191 Project to Assess Sensitivity

Uncertainty of Convection arXiv

Seismic critical-angle re ectometry A method to

Structural uncertainty and breakpoint tests an